Moving tanks

It only took a few weeks, and Jazz has had to move tank. I decided that his 4gallon was definitely too small for him with how active he is, and so he has been upgraded to a 9gallon. At first I was slightly worried that Jazz’s constant movement and what looked to be playfulness, was actually a sign of stress with the move, but seen as he has been with me a few weeks and has greedily eaten everything I have tried to feed him and hasn’t flared once, I’ve decided that this is just who he is. I’m happy to say that he absolutely loves his new bigger tank 🙂

It’s interesting to see that different betta prefer different sized tanks. This 9 gallon is Genie’s old tank before he was moved into a 4gallon when he first developed signs of fin rot. I could tell straight away that Genie preferred the smaller space of the 4 gallon tank, whereas Jazz certainly prefers more room. I would definitely go no smaller than a 4gallon for a betta fish – but it was an interesting exercise all the same.

Introducing Jazz the Siamese Fighting Fish

As an early Christmas present, my boyfriend bought a new betta for me!

This is Jazz, the newest addition to my fish family.

Jazz is a blue and white marble, long eared, halfmoon plakat siamese fighting fish (betta splenden.)

‘Long eared’ describes the long flowing pectoral fins which other breeds of betta splenden don’t possess. It is not a very common fish, but that could potentially change as it may become the next ‘big thing’ for breeders to try and breed into their stock.

Plakat describes the shortened tail, dorsal and pelvic fins, and halfmoon describes the shape.

Marble describes how the colouring has been presented in this breed.

Jazz is living in our bedroom in a filtered and heated 4gallon tank.

To quote Mr Potato Head: “Prepare to meet – Mr Angry Eyes!”

Introducing Pockets the Ryukin Fancy Goldfish

Last and by absolute no means least, is Pockets, my fancy goldfish (Carassius Auratus)

Pockets is an orange and white shortailed Ryukin, with a butterfly tail. He lives with Loki in my 120litre tank in my living room. He is slightly smaller than Loki (I’m not sure if this will always be the case) and therefore is the less dominant fish. Pockets loves to follow Loki EVERYWHERE! It is the cutest thing ever. Pockets is a boisterous little fish and I could sit and watch him for hours.

Because of his white face and red lips, Pockets was named such because he looks like a clown.

Happy Anniversary

Today is mine and my boyfriends anniversary. I love you with all my heart, Kirby. He is the best thing I could ever ask for and he puts up with all my crazy fish obsessions. In fact, he openly encourages it 🙂

This was one of his gifts to me…

(From left to right: Loki, Warrior, Me, Pockets [who’ll be introduced in my next post] and Genie)

I wish I really could swim with my fish.

More of Kirby’s art can be seen here at or

Male Betta Sharing a Tank

So with the arrival of Warrior, Genie now has to share his tank. The two are getting a long all right, and having them both together is simply emphasising their different personalities, and honestly, I don’t think the two could be much more opposite.

Whilst Warrior rages, Genie flirts and whilst Genie dances, Warrior merely watches on in eerie stillness. Truly, that fish has freaked me out on more than one occasion.

Introducing Warrior the Siamese Fighting fish

He arrived safe and sound this morning!

This is Warrior, a black orchid crowntail siamese fighting fish (none of their names are easy on the tongue ^_^). He has settled in very well today in his half of Genie’s tank. The divide is still standing (thank god) and I am very pleased it has, because Warrior is a monster! I knew Genie was slender, but I just figured this was because he is still relatively young, but Warrior is apparently about the same age and he absolutely dwarves him!

Warrior was initially going to be called Ink, but I simply had to change his name when I saw him. Though I simply feel he will always be affectionately referred to as ‘The Monster’.
He was also extremely tough to photograph. Unlike Genie who is so brightly coloured and full of those beautiful frills (hence his name) the camera found it extremely difficult to focus due to him being so dark. Plus, the fact his fins are spiny meant there wasn’t a large surface area for the light to shine through for the camera to pick up. But we managed at least a few fairly decent shots.

My Warrior, showing off his stuff with a flare for Genie. (Who consequently ignored him).

Dividing a Betta Tank

I am very excited today. Tomorrow I am getting another betta! He is going to be a crowntail, unlike Genie who is a halfmoon tail.

So this evening I have decided that I need to divide Genie’s 30 litre tank into two. Genie will live on one side and my new crowntail will live on the other. How temporary this will be, I’m not sure. I have a larger 71 litre tank sitting in my kitchen which I will later divide into three compartments for three male siamese fighting fish. I expected this may have been cycled by now, but it appears to be doing very little cycling – a bad mix up of possibly killing my already grown healthy bacteria I had in an established filter when I put it in the new tank. A big thank you goes out my friend Mark for giving me this tank!

This was Genie’s tank before it was divided…

I divided the tank using sheets of plastic that have small square holes in them. It’s usually used for cross stitching or something, you can find it in most craft shops. The holes are useful to allow water flow seen as I only have a filter in one half of the tank and the heater in the other. Saves one side of the tank becoming stagnant. It’s pretty stiff, but I strengthened it with spine bars used to hold pieces of paper together, usually for reports or something similar. I then slid the divide down the middle of the tank, burying it in the pebbles at the bottom (using extra against the base to support it more) and voilà  Each side is heavily planted to help the fish feel safe and to make it less likely for them to bother each other. Siamese fighting fish are, as their name suggests, fish that fight, and given half a chance fight each other to the death. Hopefully the mesh, and the cover in the tank, will be thick enough so that the two fish don’t stress each other out and cause each other too much agitation. Lastly the water level is kept a few inches below the top of the divide because bettas can jump.

Only time will tell if the divider works out…

Here is the tank divided and ready for the new arrival tomorrow!…