Rest In Peace my Gorgeous Boy.

At the beginning of this week, my beautiful ryukin Loki passed away. I aquired Loki back in May as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and he will forever have a special place in my heart. Loki has always had a bit of floatation issues, and at times it could get so bad that I didn’t think he would make it. During the first week I had him home, I was convinced he wasn’t going to last, but the little fighter pulled through. He didn’t half cause me to worry though, for about a month I had countless nights of dream filled sleep where I would see him so small and lost in a giant tank full of big mean fish that I thought would eat him right up and though I called and cried for him I simply knew I couldn’t reach him in the vast water he had gotten himself into. Seems sad, I know, but I loved that boy.

I don’t really think he had much of a chance. I think he was probably defect from birth, and always would have struggled through life. I hope I gave him as good a chance as any.

Sleep sweet my little floaty boy.


Introducing Pockets the Ryukin Fancy Goldfish

Last and by absolute no means least, is Pockets, my fancy goldfish (Carassius Auratus)

Pockets is an orange and white shortailed Ryukin, with a butterfly tail. He lives with Loki in my 120litre tank in my living room. He is slightly smaller than Loki (I’m not sure if this will always be the case) and therefore is the less dominant fish. Pockets loves to follow Loki EVERYWHERE! It is the cutest thing ever. Pockets is a boisterous little fish and I could sit and watch him for hours.

Because of his white face and red lips, Pockets was named such because he looks like a clown.

Happy Anniversary

Today is mine and my boyfriends anniversary. I love you with all my heart, Kirby. He is the best thing I could ever ask for and he puts up with all my crazy fish obsessions. In fact, he openly encourages it 🙂

This was one of his gifts to me…

(From left to right: Loki, Warrior, Me, Pockets [who’ll be introduced in my next post] and Genie)

I wish I really could swim with my fish.

More of Kirby’s art can be seen here at or

Introducing Loki the Ryukin Fancy Goldfish

And now it’s the goldfish turn!

It’s time to introduce Loki. He is a red and white ryukin fancy goldfish (Carassius Auratus) and he is my pride and joy. I love this little (but ever getting fatter) fish so much it’s silly. He was given to me by Kirby for my birthday in May and it is all thanks to him that I have become stupidly into my fish keeping. At first Loki lived in a 30 litre tank, which I quickly began to learn wasn’t big enough for a ryukin, most certainly not for the long run. Being about 2 inches (just body) in length when I first got him and learning that he could grow up to about 10-12 inches in length when he was fully grown.

Loki went through a couple of problems, the first one being as soon as I brought him home. He was unhappy, lethargic and I didn’t think he would make it through the first week with me. This lead onto me dreaming nightmares of poor Loki for months. But after much research on the internet (and an added nutritional diet of peas) Loki pulled through and I began to learn of his wonderful personality. Then a few months later he got a parasite and in his attempt to re leave himself, scratched a huge gash in his side which removed 10 or so of his scales. I was really horrified at this and the poor thing was clearly miserable. However, with a dose of medication and with me spotting it so early, my Loki pulled through and after moving him into his new big tank the scales grew back within a few weeks – even quicker than I’d ever hoped or anticipated.

Loki still seems to get some bloating issues, as in the evenings sometimes he likes to spend a lot of time simply floating at the surface of the water, but with a careful diet, I pray that this will never develop into a full blown swim bladder problem. Unfortunately some fish are prone to such issues, but I am very glad that I am aware of it so that it can always be addressed properly in the future.