Rest In Peace my Gorgeous Boy.

At the beginning of this week, my beautiful ryukin Loki passed away. I aquired Loki back in May as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and he will forever have a special place in my heart. Loki has always had a bit of floatation issues, and at times it could get so bad that I didn’t think he would make it. During the first week I had him home, I was convinced he wasn’t going to last, but the little fighter pulled through. He didn’t half cause me to worry though, for about a month I had countless nights of dream filled sleep where I would see him so small and lost in a giant tank full of big mean fish that I thought would eat him right up and though I called and cried for him I simply knew I couldn’t reach him in the vast water he had gotten himself into. Seems sad, I know, but I loved that boy.

I don’t really think he had much of a chance. I think he was probably defect from birth, and always would have struggled through life. I hope I gave him as good a chance as any.

Sleep sweet my little floaty boy.


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