Introducing Warrior the Siamese Fighting fish

He arrived safe and sound this morning!

This is Warrior, a black orchid crowntail siamese fighting fish (none of their names are easy on the tongue ^_^). He has settled in very well today in his half of Genie’s tank. The divide is still standing (thank god) and I am very pleased it has, because Warrior is a monster! I knew Genie was slender, but I just figured this was because he is still relatively young, but Warrior is apparently about the same age and he absolutely dwarves him!

Warrior was initially going to be called Ink, but I simply had to change his name when I saw him. Though I simply feel he will always be affectionately referred to as ‘The Monster’.
He was also extremely tough to photograph. Unlike Genie who is so brightly coloured and full of those beautiful frills (hence his name) the camera found it extremely difficult to focus due to him being so dark. Plus, the fact his fins are spiny meant there wasn’t a large surface area for the light to shine through for the camera to pick up. But we managed at least a few fairly decent shots.

My Warrior, showing off his stuff with a flare for Genie. (Who consequently ignored him).


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